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Raw Materials

Ongar Revisited

Dr. Paolo Biagi at Foscari University in Venice discusses the flint (chert) sites in Ongar, SIndh and the 2005 investigations he undertook there.

Traditional Potters of India

An examination of traditional pottery methods and practices in light of an exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. in 1987.

Ornament Styles of the Indus Valley Tradition

A brief discussion of the methodologies needed for the study of Indus ornaments is presented along with examples of how Indus artisans combined precious metals, stone beads, shell and faience to form elaborate ornaments.

Potential Steatite Sources for the Indus Civilization

Steatite (soapstone) artifacts have been found at nearly every excavated Harappan period (2600-1900 BC) site and were the primary element used to make seals.